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Each month our elected officials meet as the Town Council body to discharge their responsibilities to the residents.  They meet in accordance with State regulations, and based upon a formal agenda.  Arizona Open Meeting Law dictates that they must conduct their activities in an open and transparent manner.

You may notice the somewhat unadorned appearance of these pages; that is, in fact, the point.  Unlike other sources you may have seen, we feel the facts should not be colored.  News should be reported not manufactured, enhanced, or otherwise manipulated.

With so many financially important issues facing the town, now seemed like an appropriate time to provide a bit more in-depth information than COINS typically offers.  Council meeting minutes had added little detail, although they are improving.

Residents deserve better.  Not necessarily more frequency, more volume, or more editing than what has been available from other sources; they simply need factual information.

In the politically charged environment that Carefree has become it is difficult, if not impossible, to be totally free of bias.  The mission we have undertaken will proceed with every effort made to be as unbiased as possible.

Given that CFM does not have an inside source within town hall, there may be occasions when a name or some minor detail may be presented in error.  I apologize in advance for any inadvertent errors.  Once the poor quality issues with the official town voice recordings are addressed such errors should decline.

John Traynor, 23 Year Carefree Resident

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